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Updated: Jun 11, 2023

We live in a time now where it's never been easier to simplify our daily lives and get to the things that we actually want to do. Paint, read a book, start a new hobby, etc. Funny thing is most people don't even take advantage of it. Do you ever say or hear someone say I just don't have enough time? See below how you can simply your life and create more time through life hacking.


1) Online grocery shopping

We live in a time now where most grocery stores are offering online shopping now. What this means is that you simply go to the store website, place an order of all the items you get during the week, and someone shows up at your doorstop with all your stuff. That's amazing! What a time we live in. Who wouldn't take advantage of this?

Now if you're wondering if there is a service charge, yes, there typically is. However it's usually very minimal. Also, if you consider the time and the amount of gas you're spending getting to the store and back, wear and tear on your car, etc, it all adds up. Our family does it every week now and we love it. Gives us more free time to spend with each other.

2) Sleep in your exercise outfit

It's all about saving time. Do you ever wake up with the intention of working out, but you can't find it, and then you search around for a little while, realize you don't have something and give up? I have. There has also been studies that have revealed if you wake up in your exercise outfit ready to go, you are naturally more motivated to do it.

3) Make dinners that turn into lunches

Taking the time to cook dinner can be very time consuming. Why not get your bang for your buck. When you're cooking dinner, just simply remember to cook a little extra so that you can easily throw it in a to go plastic ware container. Now you're not only saving time for your lunch the next day, it's something extra you don't need to worry about. A popular meal in our house is chicken with rice, and there's always extra. We keep spinach in the refrigerator as well, so sometimes I just pop a little bit of that in there if we run out of rice. Add some cheese and spice, and it's delicious.

4) Select all emails - Mark as "read" - Clutter gone

Do you suffer from email inbox overload?? I do. Do you feel guilty for all those unread emails? Yet, you know most don't really matter. This quick trick brings them all right back to zero. If you have a gmail - just click select all at the top in the box. Move your cursor to the right over the little icon of a letter. It's know as "mark as read". Then, POOF! All gone.

5) Organize your to-do's for the day into the TOP 3 MIT'S (Most important tasks)

Do you ever wake up and have 10 or even 20 things you need to accomplish? Do you ever feel completely overwhelmed by it? How do we cut through through all the priorities to establish what is most important.

Establish your top 3 Most Important Tasks for the day that you MUST accomplish


About the Author

Matt Jones is a writer and entrepreneur with multiple businesses who loves inspiring others to reach their full potential. He is also a musician, educator, and world traveler whom has been to over 40 different countries on all 7 continents. His personal mission is to create and inspire. He is from Los Angeles, but is now based in greater London where he lives with his wife and son.



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