Life 2.0 is all about living your best life. It's for those of us who aren't perfect but want so badly to do better. It's setting the intention to live better daily. This is why we are named Life 2.0. The Life 2.0 movement means upgrading your heart, your mind, your body, and everything else. We cover all important areas of life concerning mindsethealth, focus, self-care, goals, love, relationships, career,  and so much more. We do this by bringing you the best tools and resources from the greatest concepts and ideas to help you live your best life. We want to make it easily digestible by making it relatable and practical for your daily life. 


If you want to be inspired, learn to be happier and grateful. If you want to have better relationships and live a more fulfilling existence overall, discover your own purpose and passions, that’s what we’re about.









The Origins of LIFE 2.0

The story of Life 2.0 is a journey that started in 2002 when the founder (Matt) discovered the book "The Wisdom of Insecurity" by Alan Watts. We live in an age of unprecedented anxiety. Spending all our time trying to anticipate and plan for the future and lamenting the past, we forget to embrace the here and now. We are so concerned with tomorrow that we forget to enjoy today. In order to lead a fulfilling life, we must embrace the present--and live fully in the now. 

Early in my adult years, everything changed for me personally. I embraced the pursuit of various philosophies including Taism, Existentialism, Nihilsm, human secularism. I had a spiritual overhaul and didn't know what I believed or who I was anymore. I needed more and wanted more. I didn't know what it was. I use to live in fear every day of my life, worried about the future constantly, missing out on what was in front of me. Based on experiences I lived in fear of judgment, uniqueness, expression, security. I was not living with pure love and expression in my heart. I developed bad habits, but I always wanted to be better. I believe most people live that way. Life is too short to live by our own limitations. You have to want to be better to do better.

Stones of Meaning

 If you want to live life by your own rules so you can have personal freedom, we want to help you. Building a business? This is a destination for entrepreneurs. You can listen to our podcasts, read our blog, and download free tools and resources.  People follow the community to improve their lives. Mentally, physically, spiritually, monetarily, emotionally. We're for people who want to transform into life warriors - which really means conquering yourself. It is not about being better than anybody else, but better than the person you were yesterday. We want you to want the best for yourself. You only live once. We want to move beyond the ordinary and into the extraordinary - to push your limitations. Join a community of people who believe in positivity & personal empowerment.

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In the search of his childhood dream, Matt travelled the world. He explored the oldest cities in the world. He made new friends from other cultures. It filled him up in ways he never could have imagined. The experience broadened his perspective in every way. In his own search for some deeper meaning in life he realized that meaning is all around us. It is life itself.

"Though I don't believe in destiny or divine purpose, I believe we can still create purpose for ourselves. We can enlighten ourselves. Life 2.0 is a way for people like me to connect. A way for people to be happier and want more from their lives."


He wanted to create a community solely focused on the mind, heart, body, for more balance and harmony. Not in an ostentatious, entitled, pretentious fake way. But a way to just help others make little changes that end up making bigger changes that can transform your world. A  place for people who want to be a leader in their lives and not a follower. People who want to develop more from their lives. 

As an adult now, he's dealt with alot of challenging as well as uplifiting life experiences. From scratching and clawing to achieve his dreams of playing music and traveling the world, to finding love, becoming a father, to inspiring others, he realized he has alot more he wants to accomplish. 


We're so consumed in things that don't matter. We put ourselves in a box, live by other people's rules and thoughts. We're lead to believe that it's just how the world is and we need to get on with it. 

Most people through fear, parents, limiting beliefs - learn that living a great life is only for the few. They base their importance and significance in life on likes and follows. Celebrity worship and superficiality are so prevalent in society, and we forget to live with love and abundance. To appreciate everything and everyone in our lives. Everyone can have an amazing life. Personal happiness is the only thing that matters; not what anybody else wants or thinks you should do. When we all learn to live with more joy and excitement for our lives on a daily basis, we can truly evolve as a species. We can evolve as individuals. 

Living with passion, and focusing on experience and things that light up your life is key to a happy life, not a fatty bank account, though money helps with your sense of security. It matters, but it's not everything. The Life 2.0 community is all about love, friendship, abundance, and living your best life. Thank you for learning about the Life 2.0 community. Read our free articles and browse our resources. Lots of love. 










My name is Matt and I am an entrepreneur, writer, a musician, and a father. I've traveled to over 40 countries across the world and experienced some of the greatest treasures that life has to offer.

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matt jones - matt jones author-mattjones entrepreneur - matt jones Life 2.0 - Life 2.0 Matt Jones - Matt Jones Entrepreneur and Author
matt jones - matt jones author-mattjones entrepreneur - matt jones Life 2.0 - Life 2.0 Matt Jones - Matt Jones Entrepreneur and Author-asia.jpg

I’ve created and developed businesses. I've been a teacher. I’ve spent a lot of my time reading and exploring life’s biggest questions, and I want to share what I’ve learned on my journey with you. My mission is to create and inspire. I want to uplift others and share love through stories and anecdotes, and our community. Become a free member. Wishing you all love and light!


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