10 Life Goals Everyone Should Have

Updated: Apr 20

When it comes to goals in life we can tend to have a lot. Sometimes we have too many life goals and we don't know where to start. Sometimes we also may not have enough because we just don't care to think about it. But it matters - especially when you get to the end of your life. One of the regrets of the elderly is not living a life true to themselves.

Getting started on your life goals can feel daunting - like where to start and where to focus in life. Should I focus on traveling and how do I pay for that or do I want to start my own business and if so, what should I do? I really want to lose 50 pounds but don't know what diet I should go on, etc., . Before we know it we have 20 goals and get overwhelmed. So, instead of starting on one or a few, we just give up altogether... - Then as a result, we remain unfulfilled. As I said in the last blog about the 3 magic words to change your life - just starting on small steps gets you on the path towards success in your life goals. So, let's learn 10 life goals everyone should have to be fulfilled (in my own opinion from my own life experiences).

10 Life Goals everyone should have

What are life goals?

The meaning of life goals is the attainment of targeted results in your life. This means results in life categories such as: Physically, monetarily, spiritually, romantically, philanthropically, adventure-wise, travel-wise, parent-wise, etc. We create life goals with the intention that the attainment of these things will bring us more happiness and fulfillment. It's about creating a life blueprint.

Why are life goals important?

Life goals are important to have because they create targeted markers. This is about setting objectives that derive a performance plan to start working towards these objectives daily. Big goals happen with little steps. It may seem like not much progress happens at first, but after a while, it turns into big results. Life goals are our guideposts.

According to the latest research, less than 3 percent of Americans have written goals, and less than 1 percent revisit those goals. Only 8% of people achieve their new year's resolutions.

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