Wu Wei Wisdom: The art of "less is more" for living better daily.

Updated: Apr 11

Wu Wei wisdom is important for living better daily. The paradoxical concept of Wu Wei technically doesn't have a definition in the traditional sense. In fact, the concept of Wu Wei meaning comes from Daoism, which also technically doesn't have a one size fits all definition. The purists of Daoism say that the Dao (or Tao) can neither be taught nor defined. Yet, it is everything, but also nothing. Daoism literally translates to "the way." What does the way mean? Well, that's for every follower to decide for themselves. Sounds confusing, but it's about self-enlightenment. Daoism is a guide - a guide for you to seek answers yourself.

Hustle culture tells us to keep moving forward faster and faster always working and calculating, whereas Wu Wei tells us to take a step back. We're made to feel guilty for just being. We feel like we always have to be doing something - like be more productive, be more busy. Well, Wu Wei is here to say that you don't. It says to slow down and taste your life a bit more jackass! I find this extremely insightful for living better daily while in pursuit of what you want from life. It's about balance. If this intrigues you then I suggest you keep reading.

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Wu Wei - Wu Wei Din - Wu Wei meaning

What is Wu-Wei?

Wu in Chinese translates to non, no, or not, negations. Wei translates to action or force.

Putting this together the Wu Wei translation is no action, non-force, or negating force. To do nothing, non-action. I like to think of it as doing less - as in more effortless living and being.

Wu Wei meaning is the principle of not forcing anything that you do too much

This is a fundamental principle of Daoism.

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