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Are you procrastinating life? These 3 words will change everything.

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

So today I had another moment of waking up and feeling lackadaisical. I've been spending way too much time recently doing other things than the things I know I need to do to make me feel better every day. This is about physical health - but it pertains to every area of life. Today the sun was shining and I didn't want to waste another weekend not doing something to better myself in some way... Summer is coming up and I also want to lose weight. Whenever I get outside and I run and find a quiet place to meditate in the woods or a nice hillside I immediately feel better and my day completely changes instantly. I feel happy. I feel abundant. I feel energized and motivated. So, whenever I find it challenging to do something I use this mental trick to overcome laziness or fear, or doubt. You can use this in every area of your life.

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Change your life

"It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live." -Marcus Aurelius

Changing our lives or making any sort of transformation means holding ourselves accountable. To live the life we want, we need to begin it. Begin to live out our physical desires. Begin to live out our financial desires. Begin to live our romantic desires. Just start. Just take the first step. The problem is our rational brain says no!!!!!! Our rational brain likes the comfort zone we've been in and doesn't like change. It likes the known. This is where laziness and procrastination so easily take over our lives.


Changing your life for the better means cutting bad habits and bad ways of thinking to improve ourselves. We want to be putting energy towards something useful instead of unuseful, right? To take action and do something productive we need energy. We need the energy to think, we need the energy to move, we need the energy to be. The first step toward ending procrastination is getting more energy. Put down the remote, get off the couch, and start taking action - coupled with things that naturally boost energy.

How stop procrastinating life. How stop procrastinating career. How stop procrastinating money. How stop procrastinating school.

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How to get motivated

This means:

1) Get active - Start walking, run, play a sport. Do something to get endorphins up.

2) Eat better - We are made of what we ingest - eat the right foods to support your energy.

3) Cut down on alcohol - Alchohol depletes vital nutrients in the body and brain to think clearly.

4) Get organized - Make your bed, clean your place, and make your physical environment inviting and welcoming to be in.


I want you to use these 3 words every single day. Use them when a task you need to complete seems daunting - when you are faced with a mental challenge of doing something. They are:


As you know Just do it is the Nike Mantra..

I have studied a lot of philosophy in my life, from ancient Chinese philosophy to the Greeks and Stoic philosophy, European philosophers. Putting these three words together I find it extremely profound. It's the perfect anecdote for learning how to stop procrastination. Sometimes we just need a really nice mantra to cut through all our mental bullshit! Right? If we are given the chance to relax and rationalize, our brain will always tell us to relax. The great Greek philosopher Seneca said:

"The body should be treated rigorously, that it may not be disobedient to the mind."

So, again I come back to energy. Allowing ourselves to become lackadaisical and liable to disease the less we can take care of our minds.


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Get yourself motivated

The only thing that separates us from the animal kingdom is the capability of rational thought. The ability to use our knowledge to reason and weigh outcomes in any given situation. Now, this can be a good thing, but it can also be bad - especially when it comes to challenging ourselves. As creatures of habit, we tend to always do what is familiar. We intuitively seek security - something ingrained in mankind since the beginning of the human race. Because of this we rationalize that "I don't feel very motivated" so I'll just wait until I am...... I don't feel very good today so I'll just wait... Wait for this... Wait for that... We wait and put things off until we FEEL we can do it.

Fuck feelings. Fuck motivation.

Motivation is fickle and comes and goes. Just take action.

After I did my run this morning and meditated I felt amazing and motivated. However, that motivation happen only AFTER I did the action I meant to do.

So, the point here is that motivation happens as a result of action - not the other way around.

If you keep waiting for motivation to hit you to take action - you're going to be waiting a long time.


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I guarantee that when you just focus on the first step - that first action - the rest will naturally fall into place. You may say to yourself "i'm just gonna walk today." No problem right. You're being active, you're getting out. However, as you start walking you might say to yourself "I'm already here. I put in the effort - why not run a bit?" Then before you know it you're running and going up and down steps and doing pushups, and your endorphins are firing and you feel amazing! You say to yourself wow I can't believe I did it. All that credit simply goes back to the first step.

I find this "just do it first step" idea to be powerful. What about other areas of your life?

Do you really want to start that side hustle?

Just take the first step. Download a business plan template you can start filling out.

Do you really want to learn a second language?

Just take the first step. Download the Duolingo app and take your first lesson.

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Do you really want to travel?

Just take the first step. Start figuring out how to get there. Maybe get a new credit card or cut back in certain areas to afford it? Just start trying.

Personally traveling to over 40 countries was life-changing for me. It filled me up in ways I never imagined, gave me a ton of perspective, and I made a lot of friends along the way.


I would most certainly say that this is a productivity hack. Anything that takes stress off the mind to get things done is most certainly in this category. So, hack your brain. Start being more productive daily in all areas of your life. Start setting a good morning routine for yourself.

Hope this has inspired you today.

With love & light,


Matt Jones is a writer and entrepreneur with multiple businesses who loves inspiring others to reach their full potential.

He is also a professional musician that has been to over 40 different countries on all 7 continents around the world. He's reached many of his life goals through hard work and staying positive. His personal mission is to create and inspire. He is from Los Angeles but is now based in Greater London. Learn his story or get his book.


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