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THE BEST MORNING ROUTINE: Productivity hacks

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

How to have a productive day can be contested and debated with swarms of opinions... I am a firm believer that how you start your day is how you end your day. We all have days where don't feel like getting out of bed. We all have days where we would rather sleep in than exercise. Now, I'm not talking about being some overly productive robot with no time for yourself. What I want to focus on you being a better you... That means self-care and time for yourself. It's about being better balanced in your life and adopting better habits so you can do more with your time.

We're only human - and downtime is important, but many times we know we could be doing better. Better for ourselves, better for our loved ones. When you know in your own mind that procrastination is causing you long-term pain because you're not doing the things you know you want to accomplish for personal fulfillment & happiness - that presents a big problem, right? Growing up we're so used to other people holding us accountable for school or work that when it comes to ourselves doing that - it can get challenging. So if you need more time to exercise, if you need more time to build a business, or meditate, you need to make time in the morning for it.

The issue is in the daily habits. When laziness overtakes the day to day it forms a new habit, known as laziness! Laziness is a habit too. Habits make up our days, our months, our years, our lives. At the end of the day for me personally, I know there is a lot I want to accomplish in this life and I know deep down many times I'm not doing enough. So, as a pragmatist, I know that I need to hold myself more accountable. I need to be more organized in my life so that I can look back with no regrets. So, let's discuss the best morning routine, really the secret to having a more productive day.

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The best morning routine

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