LIFE PLANNING: Write your own life story

Updated: Apr 18

Planning your life is important. However, it's not always a priority when we're used to being told most of our lives by other people what we should or should not be doing with our time. It's like our life plans and life goals are handed to us. When we're born, we're told constantly how to live our lives. Do this, don't do that. Don't talk back. Get good grades. Go to college if you want to be successful. Buy this course if you want to be financially free. Surround yourself with successful people if you want to be successful. It's all about success, success, success. What is success anyway? Is it a yacht, nice cars, and a big mansion? Or is it being a community worker and helping others? Is it finding love and sharing your life with a partner that loves and adores you? Is it having kids? Success can be a dubious term. What about success in love? This isn't something necessarily as popular in a culture obsessed with superficial values of power, fame, and wealth. Life planning yourself allows you to explore your own values.

life plans, life planning, planning your life, my goals
Life Planning

Everyone will tell you what success is and how you should live your life. How many of them though have good parameters about the full human experience. Things like joy and passion, love and friendship, giving and contributing. You need to figure these things out for yourself.. Because it matters.

Living your life based on what other people think you should do is a dangerous cycle that too many of us fall prey to. Life planning starts with you and only you.

It eradicates the uniqueness and originality of who each of us are on the inside.

life plans, life planning, planning your life, my goals, personal goals
Life Plans

Our institutions want to tell us how to think and who we should be. We're told to spend a fortune on a college degree, putting us into debt the rest of our lives - until we become carbon copy footprints of slave workers chained to a vicious and hollow 9 - 5 existence. Then we just work to get out of debt and pay bills. Our life plan seems to disappear completely before us. That's not the meaningful and impactful life we thought we would have when we were younger; when we had a more playful relationship with the universe. Somewhere along the way many of us lose that playful heart and give into compromise of our life goals.

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