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Updated: May 15, 2022

Do you struggle daily with your own self-confidence? Are you mad that you don't have more conviction in your everyday life? Does it perhaps make you feel bad about yourself? You know, we are not taught confidence in society. People fail to realize that confidence is a learned skill, rather than something that "just happens naturally." A lack of confidence can destroy your life and rob you of the happiness that you really deserve. So, let's discuss confidence and how we can learn to be more content and confident in our daily lives.



We are not born with confidence.

Confidence is something that is learned.

Most people tend to think of confidence as a personal characteristic that comes naturally,

Rather than a skill, that is supposed to be learned.

It is a behavior, that is shaped by our environment as well as our own thinking.

Some of us are lucky enough to have natural confidence. Some just have it. Some don't however, and you can always tell a confident person from someone who is not.

It's completely normal not to have natural confidence. Sometimes life can be difficult and it weighs us down. However, many just simply choose to accept it and try to carry on with their lives the best they can. But, it does have detrimental effects.

You want to develop a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset. With a growth mindset you understand that you are a life long learner. You have skills that can be developed, rather than simply accepted as they are.

We can get better. We can improve.

When we’re young we’re taught to be nice to others, stand up straight, get good grades. Don’t do this, do that instead. Do your homework, do your chores.

When have we ever heard…. be more confident?

It's not always our fault. We may not have been taught about confidence from our family our friends.

Why don’t we learn it in school? Why isn’t it discussed more in society?

Confidence is a learned ability such as playing a sport, or driving a car.

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