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New Years Resolutions: 5 Powerful Ways not to fail your life goals in 2022

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Goal setting, new years resolutions, are you excited? Me either. Sometimes I feel motivated to do them. Sometimes I don't feel motivated. We're only human right? We can be fickle. New years resolutions are so powerful it seems when we talk about it as "a new year." New year, new me, right? It's the transformation we fall in love with. When we talk about 2022 life goals however, not so much. It suddenly moves to the task category in our mind. Just not as exciting right? We crave change, but putting in the work not so much... Isn't that messed up?

How do we avoid the apathy and set good new years resolutions? I believe many of us are simply not fully attached to our life goals because many of us aren't inspired by the goal setting process. It can feel like a chore. There needs to be a strong emotional and psychological attachment. If someone was holding a gun to your head all year for you to achieve your goals, you probably would, right?! But, if there is no sense of urgency, or we don't feel the need to change, then we won't. So, lets discuss 5 powerful ways to hit your 2022 goals.

Studies show approximately 80% of new years resolutions fail

New year's resolutions fail for many reasons. Here are 5 ways to crush your 2022 goals.

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