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Coronavirus: 6 Life lessons we are learning from this pandemic

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

This is an unprecedented time in our history. Never have we seen anything like this in our lifetime. There is so much to be taken from this pandemic. It's as if the world is on pause for a moment. Right now we're reevaluating our lives and wondering where we go from here. It's a time for reflection, where we start to take more stock in our lives as a human race. We think more about our purpose in life.See below the life lessons that are all forcing us to pause and take a closer look at our lives.

Corona Virus: Six life lessons we are learning from this pandemic

1) The most valuable people in society are not celebrities and sports stars

It's very eye opening to society that when everything goes a rye, the attention goes elsewhere. When our lives are at risk. When everything seems bleek. Who do we turn to? Science. We turn to science, doctors, microbiologists. Yet, they are not the most valued members of society, seemingly from a popular and monetary standpoint. All our attention is tuned into the latest celebrity gossip or the multi-million dollar contract for the latest sports star. Why? Our values are misplaced. We are learning now that when it comes to our lives, the most important people in society come from the scientific community. It's time to reevaluate.

2) Appreciate the small things more

Are you low on toilet paper? Have you stocked your shelves of food to last through this pandemic? How many days go by where we take the most simple necessities for granted? Yet, how much of this has always been wasted? When this all started happening, did you worry about your life's ambitions and what type of car you drive? No, we thought about who loves us and who we love. It puts everything into perspective more. We figure out our true happiness in life.

3) Our values are messed up

We should have been more prepared for this. Everyone has talked about nuclear warfare as the end of the world scenario. But, would've it was a weapon on the micro level that actually wiped us out. People like Bill Gates have been talking about this for years. The earth is more powerful than all of us combined. When we are wasteful and lazy and uneducated we take things for granted.

4) When everyone is affected, everyone suddenly cares more

This is a lesson in gratitude and humility. When something is important enough, people will work together to accomplish a goal. Yet, how many humanitarian crises have we had for years, that nobody gets behind? Homelessness, healthcare, polio, Aids, Ebola, Influenza, Meningitis, Cholera, Yellow Fever, Cancer, veteran suicide. These still exist, people are dying, and yet there is no global outcry. Very interesting isn't it?

5) Simplify

What did you first think of when this happened? It definitely wasn't about trivial or superficial things. It was about the the real things that mattered. People. Friends. Loved ones. Ambition, greed, power, all these things seem to fade away. In the end nothing matters but those you love, and those who love you.

6) People are inherently good

Billions of people are working hard for each other to get through this. Helplines and hubs are being setup to support each other. Strangers and neighbors are rallying to support their

communities. So much good is happening. It makes you feel good about humanity again. Media has a way of focusing on the negative. However, don't neglect all the good that is happening. We are stronger together. We are one.

If you've ever looked at the worst events in history, you will always see working hard for each other. Because, at the end of the day we all give each other more meaning in the universe. Life is actually better with other people in it. We take for granted how amazing humanity actually is.

So, focus on all the good that is happening right now. Don't follow politics constantly and ignorant people. Follow happy positive media and articles.


About the Author

Matt Jones is a writer and entrepreneur with multiple businesses who loves inspiring others to reach their full potential. He is also a musician, educator, and world traveler whom has been to over 65 different countries on all 7 continents. His personal mission is to create and inspire. He is from Los Angeles, but is now based in greater London where he lives with his wife and son.



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