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10 free tools every entrepreneur should use

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Now in 2020 there are so many tools that we can use for running our own business. Nowadays sometimes all you need is a smartphone! You can run an entire company straight from your phone. To make sure you know all of the free resources available for you to run your business and live your life with ease, we explore these in this article.


Google has shown the world to be one of the greatest free companies offering value to billions of people everyday increasing personal freedom and resourcefulness. Use Google suite to write documents (Google docs), create invoices with their free templates, make budgets just like excel (Google sheets), make powerpoint presentations (Google slides), and store all of your documents in the cloud with Google drive. This all comes free with a simple Gmail account. I love it because you don't have to take up data on your computer with all sorts of documents, and you don't have to use a word program that's slows down your computer processing. Invaluable tool!

Canva is for marketing. If you use social media or need to create anything from posters to flyers or logos, they've got it all. You can use their free pictures and pre-designed templates to make stunning posts. It's like having a complete marketing agency in your backpocket. Not everything is free, and you can upgrade for a monthly fee, but they make so accessible that everyone can use it to get started. I've used it for over a year, and haven't paid one penny. I've done over 300 posts on social media, created logos, made stunning flyers, and all from my phone.

Need to run a business meeting, but you don't have a physical location? Are you on the road, but still want to hold a meeting with coworkers, or personal meeting with a client? Google hangouts is a great free professional app that makes it easy to run a meeting from anywhere, with 2 to a couple dozen people if you like, all at once. Just download the app and start your meeting.

There are alot of tools out there today to create your own websites and blogs. Wordpress is a great tool with alot of plugins to use. It's very user friendly and will help get your idea off the ground.

Use google analytics to see how users are reacting to your website. Track where the users are, how long they stay on your website, see what pages they stay on most, and so much more. This is completely free, and is invaluable if you want to learn more about your customer.

Even though you may write very well, Grammarly is like having a professional editor at your side at all times. They do the simple spell check, but go far beyond that to correct run on sentences, incorrect commas, incorrect apostrophe's, and make your writing 10x more professional. Grammarly is a free extension that you can use with Google chrome.

If you want to get paid easily from anywhere, use Paypal. It's the first and longest running company to offer a service getting paid by anyone. You can also get sent a free card swiping device that plugs into your smart phone! Yes, that's right. Dowload Paypal, plug the swiper into your audio port, and get paid in person with debit or credit cards. Technically it's not free, because they charge a small fee, but it's minimal. So much cheaper than so many other options out there.

Need to organize those email lists? Need to send email campaigns to customers? MailChimp allows you to do just that. Don't waste time individually writing emails to every single customer. If you have a large email lists, use this to reach more customers faster.

Trello is a project management tool. If you need to organize the daily tasks and day to day operations, it's helpful to have an online template that keeps you and your employees on task. You can collaborate, use remote teams, and do so much to be productive.

Do you need to edit pictures? Do you need to make a logo transparent? BeFunky is a tool that helps more with the editing aspects of design. Canva offers the pre set templates that you can also edit, but BeFunky will allow you to resize and reformat.


About the Author

Matt Jones is a writer and entrepreneur with multiple businesses who loves inspiring others to reach their full potential. He is also a musician, educator, and world traveler whom has been to over 65 different countries on all 7 continents. His personal mission is to create and inspire. He is from Los Angeles, but is now based in greater London where he lives with his wife and son.



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